aviation: Altenrhein: Climate activists have blocked the access to the airport

, aviation: Altenrhein: Climate activists have blocked the access to the airport


On Monday, January 16, 2023, the entrance to the small Altenrhein airport was blocked by so-called climate activists. During the WEF, which is taking place in Davos, the airport is increasingly used by business jets. The protest measure is likely to have been directed against them.

As recently as November 2022, the Peoples Air Group considered it unlikely that one would become a victim of protest actions by activists themselves. Altenrhein Airport is too small and insignificant, because Vienna-Schwechat is served all year round by the only airline. In the summer months there are a few holiday destinations and general aviation tends to dominate.

However, the World Economic Forum causes demonstrations at various locations every year that are expressly directed against the event. This year there are criminal offenses and also the climate sticker the WEF « discovered for itself ». Since many participants do not use Zurich Airport but Altenrhein as a landing place for their business jets, the access to the terminal was blocked by demonstrators on Monday. However, the action was not officially registered, but the omission of the official demonstration registrations is one of the “trademarks” of the climate stickers.

Scaffolding was erected in the entrance to the terminal. Banners were attached to it. The 12 climate stickers that were on site are said to have at least partially fixed themselves to the structure. The police initially did not intervene because there should be no immediate danger to the population and flight operations. However, surveillance of the airport area was increased to prevent participants in the rally from illegally entering the security area.

The Peoples Air Group was able to operate its scheduled flights largely normally. Among other things, company boss Thomas Krutzler explained to regional media that efforts were being made to keep flight operations as normal as possible. Based on the findings, vehicle access was very limited or not possible at all, but passengers could easily reach the terminal on foot in just a few steps.

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