aviation: Austria and Hungary are fighting over the fired Raaberbahn board member

, aviation: Austria and Hungary are fighting over the fired Raaberbahn board member


The dismissal of a board member at the Hungarian-Austrian Raaberbahn is the trigger for a heated dispute between the governments of Austria and Hungary. In a dictatorial manner, a decision would have been made and implemented without the other shareholders or the supervisory board being consulted.

Raaberbahn AG is a private railway company that survived the collapse of the Danube Monarchy as well as the era of communism in Hungary. Over the company’s long history, only the ownership has changed repeatedly. With 65.6356 percent, the Hungarian state is by far the largest shareholder. The Republic of Austria holds 28.2378 percent. The rest is attributable to the Strabag Group.

A few days ago, Hana Dellemann, who previously served as deputy general director and head of the Austrian branch, was dismissed. The Austrian Ministry of Transport will take action against this because they claim that they were not consulted as a shareholder. The supervisory board is also not supposed to be familiar with this matter. If you believe the Austrian account: the Hungarian government went it alone without asking or informing anyone.

Raaberbahn AG is probably extremely secretive, and for good reason. All that is communicated is that Hana Dellemann is no longer part of the railway company’s management. No further questions are answered; their tasks would have been taken over by the other board members.

Under Orban, Hungary is ruled increasingly authoritarian. In a way, the Gewessler Ministry’s official reaction is a little surprising, because in authoritarian regimes it is simply not customary to ask others for permission. After all, the developments in Hungary, which are worrying many Europeans, should be well known. In any case, the Climate Protection Ministry will take the matter to court.

“In a general meeting called unilaterally at the beginning of November, the head of the Austrian branches, Hana Dellemann, was dismissed for no reason at the instigation of the Hungarian owners. The Climate Protection Ministry considers this approach to be wrong and illegal. The unilateral dismissal contradicts the corporate law contracts. The Republic of Austria will therefore legally combat this approach,” said a statement from the Gewessler Ministry.

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