aviation: British airports are flirting with abolishing liquid rules

, aviation: British airports are flirting with abolishing liquid rules


The published airports are expected to abolish the rules for the amount of liquids in hand luggage within two years.

As the BBC reported today, the British government plans to introduce new 3D scanners by mid-2024 that will allow security forces to see travelers’ pockets more clearly. Passengers would then be able to leave liquids in their bags with no limit, as well as laptops and tablets, it said. According to the Times newspaper, the measure is intended to significantly reduce queues at the security checkpoints.

Since November 2006, liquids can only be carried in hand luggage in containers with a maximum size of 100 milliliters. They must be packed in a transparent bag with a capacity of no more than one liter and must be shown separately at the control. Laptops and tablets must also be removed from backpacks and bags. The measure was enacted after a plan to attack planes using explosives hidden in drink bottles was foiled.

British Airports Eyes Eliminating Liquid Rules was first published on Aviation.Direct.

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