aviation: Ex-Etihad boss Douglas is already gone again at Ria

, aviation: Ex-Etihad boss Douglas is already gone again at Ria


Former Etihad Airways boss Tony Douglas did not last long at the new Riyadh International Airlines. Only a few weeks after taking office at Ria, he has already vacated his executive chair again.

Douglas became Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Airways in 2018 and moved to Saudi Arabia for the start-up the previous year. He was considered the preferred candidate, although he could not fulfill the hopes placed in him in the Emirates. The manager was tasked with making Etihad profitable again, but between 2015 and the first half of 2022 that wasn’t the fall.

With Ria, which was not yet founded as an airline, at least on paper, it was an extremely short guest appearance. The usually well-informed Arabian Business magazine, citing people familiar with the matter, reports that Ria and Douglas have parted ways. Thus, the manager left the planned major airline in Saudi Arabia after a few months. The reasons are not publicly known at this time.

The government of the desert state intends to build a new airline through the Public Investment Fund. This is to operate from Riyadh. About 30 billion US dollars are to be invested in a new network carrier that is to stand up to Etihad, Qatar and Emirates. Now you have to look for a new manager.

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