aviation: Frankfurt-Hahn: Insolvency administrator is looking for a « Plan B »

, aviation: Frankfurt-Hahn: Insolvency administrator is looking for a « Plan B »


Frankfurt-Hahn Airport seems to magically attract problems relating to buyers, because Swift Conjoy GmbH has still not paid the purchase price. The deadline has been repeatedly extended. Insolvency administrator Jan-Markus Plathner is now intensively examining a “Plan B”.

Hunsrück Airport has been in deficit for many years. At some point, the “trip” to Hahn was too colorful for Fraport AG, so the participation was dissolved. The states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse took back the shares, so that the public sector became sole owner again. Despite high subsidies and a comprehensive range of flights, it has not been possible to keep the airport in the black for the long term. A privatization attempt ended in debt, because a supposed investor from China turned out to be a small Chinese tire dealer. Political decision-makers only became aware of the bluff when the purchase price was not paid.

Everything should get better with the HNA Group. This buys in from various companies in the aviation industry around the world. Many, but not all, expected fresh money from investors from China. However, the “Hunter strategy” was entirely based on credit, i.e. on credit. At some point, the Chinese group collapsed under it and has now been broken up. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport was drawn into the maelstrom and has to file for bankruptcy itself.

So far, the insolvency administrator has succeeded in maintaining flight operations. The lawyer was even able to hire additional employees, but when it comes to selling to the company with which a purchase agreement was concluded, there is a problem. So far, Swift Conjoy GmbH has not transferred the purchase price, despite several extensions of the deadline. The DPA describes this fact as annoying and now wants to “examine further measures and alternatives”.

The agency also reports that talks have started with NR Holding, which owns the Nürburgring IST. This was already interested in the original bidding process, but was not awarded the contract. They do not want to comment officially on the alleged talks between the insolvency administrator and NR Holding. However, it is becoming apparent that the lawyer is intensively committed to a plan B, because hopes are fading that the deal with Swift Conjy GmbH can still be concluded positively.

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