aviation: Luton Airport introduces teddy tags

, aviation: Luton Airport introduces teddy tags


Because children keep losing stuffed animals such as teddy bears during air travel and can then be very sad because the stuffed animal can no longer be found, London Luton Airport has come up with an idea. Special tags are introduced to help the teddy find his way home.

While Christmas is the happiest time of the year for many families, traveling with young children can often prove stressful. Not surprisingly, nearly half (45%) of families use valuable toys and stuffed animals to keep children entertained when travelling. However, according to a new study from London’s Luton Airport, 49% of followers say their child lost their beloved toy during the trip. More than half (52%) of parents said that the loss of a child’s toy affected their holiday and a third (33%) of the clearly admitted their child would consider their favorite teddy bear or toy irreplaceable if it would lose him.

To help families traveling with children this Christmas, the airport is offering free teddy tags so little holidaymakers can easily locate their misplaced stuffed animals. On the tags, parents can write the teddy’s full name, flight number and contact details so any toy left behind can be quickly reunited with its owner.

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