aviation: Alpbachtal launches QR codes with tourist information

, aviation: Alpbachtal launches QR codes with tourist information

The Alpbachtal tourism region took an exciting step into the digital future this summer. In collaboration with the Bonn company “placeit”, the Alpbachtal became the pilot region for an innovative project that offers guests the opportunity to explore the region in a playful way. The “Alpbachtal Treasure Map”, a digital hiking map with stations for families, promises a new dimension of the tourism experience.

The idea behind this exciting project is simply conceivable: holiday guests can collect virtual stamps on their journey of discovery through the tourist region, which are activated by scanning QR codes on their smartphones. “There is no need for complicated registration or downloading a special app, which ensures data protection to the highest degree,” explains Sven Maurmann, the managing director of placeit.

As guests wander from station to station, they receive information about selected locations and special tips for families on their smartphones. The concept is reminiscent of a digital scavenger hunt in which QR codes take on the role of hidden treasures. However, compared to traditional geocaching, this innovative project offers the advantage that additional information and experiences can be integrated into the search.

The pilot test for this technology began in the winter in the Skijuwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau ski area. The digitization of the “Alpbachtal Treasure Map” promises a nightly, more intensive and diverse tourism experience. It takes children to 19 different places in the Alpbachtal, including the Juppi Zauberwald in Reith iA, the Lauserland in Alpbach and the Kundler Gorge. Families can scan the QR codes at the stamp stations and receive small gifts at the tourism offices with the collected stamps.

“With this initiative, Alpbachtal has taken a significant step towards innovative and interactive tourism experiences,” says Markus Kofler, Managing Director of Alpbachtal Tourismus. The project is to be expanded to include other offerings, such as the Alpbachtal Hüttenjause stamp campaign. The technology will undoubtedly offer many guests the opportunity to experience the region in a new and exciting way.

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