aviation: Canada: Dispute between Flair and Airborne ends up in court

, aviation: Canada: Dispute between Flair and Airborne ends up in court


There is a tense air between the Canadian low-cost airline Flair Airlines and the lessor Airborne Capital. The landlord recently secured four Boeing 737-Max aircraft due to arrears. Now the carrier is filing a lawsuit against the financial company.

Flair Airlines is also not stingy with public criticism of Airborne Capital’s actions. It was admitted that there was actually a arrears, but this was settled. The airline described the measure initiated by the lessor as “illegal and defamatory”. It was even accused that behind the seizure operated by Airborne there were even competitors who wanted to damage Flair or were « hot » on the four Boeing 737-Max affected.

The fronts between the two business partners have hardened massively, because Flair Airlines has meanwhile filed a lawsuit against Airborne Capital. The lessor cannot really understand the behavior of the airline and explains, among other things, that Flair Airlines had millions of US dollars in arrears that had accumulated over a period of five months.

“Airborne Capital firmly denies the allegations made by Flair Airlines in recent days regarding four Airborne-backed aircraft. The lease of Airborne’s four aircraft was terminated after a five-month period in which Flair was regularly in default on its leases, failing to make its payment when it became due, with multiple arrears accumulating on Dollarhmande Finnzuren’s one million statement.

Flair Airlines has filed the lawsuit against Airborne Capital in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and has already responded to the lessor’s public comment. The carrier said: « Airborne Capital’s unlawful and immeasurably destructive actions were carried out during the first weekend of many of our customers’ school holidays. This is profiteering on the backs of Canadians and was totally unexpected and unwarranted. »

On the part of the lessor, however, one sees it calmly and points out, among other things, that the low-cost airline has repeatedly been asked to pay the outstanding leasing installments. “Nevertheless, the payments were not made and the leasing contract was not fulfilled. Terminating an aircraft lease is always a last resort, and such a decision is never taken lightly. In this case, after numerous reminders, Flair again failed to make the payments due, leaving Airborne to take action to terminate the lease of the aircraft. Airborne has a legal obligation to mitigate losses from Flair’s default. Airborne has taken steps to comply with this legal obligation. Despite these efforts, significant losses are expected in connection with the repossession and remarketing of the aircraft,” the lessor said.

The accounts of Flair Airlines and Airborne Capital differ greatly. For example, Stephen Jones, the airline’s CEO, claimed that the landlord had allied with Air Canada and/or Westjet to harm the low-cost airline he managed. In any case, you would only have been in payment transactions for a few days. It sharply rejects the fact that no leasing installments were paid for the four affected Boeing 737-Max for five months.

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