aviation: « Mix&Match »: Wizz Air has tested connecting flights

, aviation: « Mix&Match »: Wizz Air has tested connecting flights


The low-cost airline Wizz Air will also offer flights with transfers in the future. For this purpose, a so-called “Mix&Match” function has been implemented in the app. The carrier thus seems to be testing the potential for transfer passengers.

However, the explanations make it very clear that these are still separate bookings and that check-in of checked baggage is not planned. Possibly this could follow at a later date.

At the moment, the function seems more like a kind of gimmick for the passengers, which is only intended to simplify the merging of flight information. So far, Wizz Air has always emphasized that it is a pure point-to-point airline and does not offer any connecting flights. For passengers, this means in concrete terms that in the event of delays or cancellations in the first segment, no claims can be made for a possibly missed connecting flight.

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