aviation: Sanctions: Aeroflot cannot offer in-flight entertainment

, aviation: Sanctions: Aeroflot cannot offer in-flight entertainment


The Russian airline Aeroflot can no longer offer inflight entertainment on board its aircraft equipped with an inflight entertainment system due to Western sanctions. The background is that the service providers have ceased their activities.

Aeroflot downplays the situation on the company’s Telegram channel, claiming that the restriction is only temporary. Furthermore, it is emphasized that it would be good for the passengers if they did a « digital withdrawal » during the flights and read a book or took a nap. It is assured that films and music will be offered again shortly, because Aeroflot would be working intensively on a « purely Russian solution ».

Many airlines use external service providers for IFES. As a rule, the content is stored locally and can then, depending on the equipment of the respective machine, be called up via screens and/or mobile end devices (via WLAN). The daily sanctions mean that those service providers who used Aeroflot up to now have withdrawn and thus ended the cooperation. As a result, there is no longer any IFES content on board the aircraft of the Russian airline.

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