aviation: That’s how expensive the elevated tours in the main cities are

, aviation: That’s how expensive the elevated tours in the main cities are

Whether it’s a hot-air balloon flight over the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, a chocolate workshop in Brussels or a culinary walk through Bucharest: city tours are popular with tourists, but within Europe the prices for tours can differ by several hundred euros.

The accepted tours with a guide in Europe’s capitals cost an average of around 82 euros. The language learning platform Preply has determined in which city vacationers can save the most by comparing the respective top 10 tours of 25 European capitals in terms of language offer, price and rating.

From Valletta to Vilnius: Tourist offers on vacation can be so expensive

On average, the activities in Vilnius are the most expensive, here holidaymakers have to budget 134.57 euros per person. The instant offers are available in the Maltese capital Valletta, where you can expect an average of 34.50 euros. On average, the tours in the 25 European capitals cost around 82 euros per person, with the offers in Bratislava coming closest to the average with an average price of 80.99 euros. The private half-day sightseeing tour of Berlin in a minibus with short walks is the most expensive tour per person next to a tour in Paris with a price of 245 euros.

Enhanced tours in the capital of Lithuania include a hot air balloon flight over Vilnius and Trakai for 160 euros per person or a historical tour of Vilnius in the past with lunch for 90 euros per person.

Valletta has a harbor cruise for as little as €16 and a small group walking tour of the UNESCO World Heritage city for €18.50 per person.

Group tours are only offered in 13 of the major European cities. The most expensive tour is located in Bratislava. Groups there pay 380 euros for the Original Bratislava Beer Bike Tour. The cheapest is the Tuk Tuk Bucharest Private Tour at 80 euros per group. In total, groups pay an average of 216.65 euros for their activities in the European capitals.

Experience as a question of understanding: These European cities have the largest range of languages ​​on the tours

The analyzed tours in Paris have the largest selection with an average language offer of 3.5 languages. Also at the top of the survey is Lisbon with an average of 3.2 languages ​​per offer. Complementing the top 5 cities with the largest language offerings are Rome, Budapest and Bratislava with an average offering of 3.1, 3 and 2.9 languages ​​respectively. Overall, travelers can expect an average of two languages ​​per tour. In the Slovenian city of Ljubljana, the range of languages ​​offered for tours is the lowest there, although the offer is rated the best. Here travelers can only do the city tours in English.

Among the most common languages ​​offered in European capitals are English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. On the other hand, languages ​​such as Danish and Arabic are only used three or offered four times. For example, tourists can experience a panoramic tour in Bratislava in Arabic and a Danube river cruise in Budapest in Danish. Tours in Norwegian are offered least frequently: the language is only available for the Danube River Cruise in Budapest. Even Korean and Japanese have more choices with five and six offerings respectively.

These tourist offers are the most increased

The Slovenian capital Ljubljana has the best rating for tourist offers: whether it is a culinary walk through the city or a tour of the nearby Cave Castle in Predjama. With an average 5-star rating, tourists can’t go wrong. Furthermore, the tours in Amsterdam, Zagreb, Riga, Berlin, Athens, Bratislava, Dublin, Madrid and Tallinn are rated very well. The excursions in these cities have an average of 4.9 stars.

Dorothee Monschau, Head of Brand at Preply, comments on the Preply Sightseeing Analysis as follows: “In every country there is the opportunity to discover a lot. Especially in the case of cultural sites, it is worth speaking the local language, as this allows you to better understand the units of the respective tour. Learners on Preply have the opportunity to specifically load the language in their desired holiday destination and the communication there.”

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