aviation: Toulouse: Airbus crashed the wing tip of the first Condor A330neo into a building

, aviation: Toulouse: Airbus crashed the wing tip of the first Condor A330neo into a building


The first Airbus A330-900 should have been handed over to the holiday airline Condor shortly. The emphasis is on « would have » because the machine with the serial number 1966 (future D-ANRA) was damaged in Toulouse during a towing operation.

As initially reported by « Aviation Toulouse » via the social media platform Twitter, the Airbus A330-900 collided with the end of the right day area during a towing operation with a building. Fuel also escaped, which made it necessary for the plant fire brigade to be called out as a precaution. Luckily there was no fire.

According to Condor, this aircraft has not yet been officially delivered by the manufacturer. In a statement, the carrier acknowledges that the incident occurred and that the Airbus A330-900, serial number 1966, sustained damage in the wing tip area. It is currently unclear whether and, if so, what consequences this incident will have on extradition.

The European manufacturer Airbus has also confirmed that this Airbus A330-900 was damaged during a towing process for reasons that are still unclear. It was also confirmed that the aircraft has not yet been officially delivered to the customer. Technicians are currently evaluating the damage, so the extent of the damage and the associated repair costs cannot yet be estimated.

In any case, it can be assumed that the delivery of this Airbus A330-900 WILL be delayed. According to the Condor reservation system, the first commercial flight should have taken place on December 18, 2022 towards Mauritius. In the meantime, the stored model has already been changed to the A330-200, which is a strong indication that the holiday airline expects that the damaged aircraft will not be able to take over in time. Officially, however, it says: « It is not in time for the delivery of MSN 1966 to be delayed at this point in time. Because the investigation by Airbus is ongoing, no conclusive information is available yet. »

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