aviation: Virgin Atlantic tufts Airbus A330neo in honor of Queen Elizabeth II

, aviation: Virgin Atlantic tufts Airbus A330neo in honor of Queen Elizabeth II


Virgin Atlantic airline has received its Airbus A330neo with registration G-VEII in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, who died last year. The machine bears the name « Queen of the Skies ».

“Like Queen Elizabeth during her historic 70-year reign, Virgin Atlantic is proud to fly the United Kingdom flag around the world. We look forward to welcoming the ‘Queen of the Skies’ to our fleet soon and hope this is a fitting tribute to an unforgettable, much-loved monarch,” said Corneel Koster, Virgin Atlantic’s Chief Customer and Operations Officer.

Virgin Atlantic has a long tradition of naming its aircraft after women who inspire them, including Diana in honor of Princess Diana. Virgin Atlantic’s current fleet includes the Ark Emmeline (G-VLIB), which honors founder of the suffragette movement and women’s rights activist Emmeline Pankhurst. Fearless Lady (G-VEVE) pays tribute to the life of Eve Branson, the late mother of Virgin Group founder Richard Branson. Eve had an incredible life: she melted herself with the WRENS during World War II, took gliding lessons in disguise as a boy and pioneered stewardess on the dangerous routes of British South American Airways.

Queen of the Skies is the Airbus A330neo in the Virgin Atlantic fleet. The other three are Billie Holiday (G-VJAZ), Space Oddity (G-VTOM) and Eliza Doolittle (G-VLDY). Virgin Atlantic aims to operate the cleanest, greenest fleet in the sky and has ordered 12 more Airbus A330neos to join its fleet.

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