aviation: Air France with new menus on long-haul routes

, aviation: Air France with new menus on long-haul routes


Air France is offering new dishes created by top chefs Arnaud Lallement and Michel Roth on its long-haul flights in La Première and Business classes between November 2022 and February 2023.

In the La Première cabin, triple Michelin star chef Arnaud Lallement offers modern gourmet cuisine full of flavor. As a guest of the Servair Culinary Studio, he has prepared an appetizer, two entrees and eight dishes that will be progressively featured on the menu of the airline’s most exclusive cabin.

« For Air France, I wanted to promote seasonal cuisine, do what comes naturally to me, like I’m hypnotized, and offer dishes that my father handed down to me, » says Arnaud Lallement.

At La Première there are, among others:

  • French Sturia Caviar, Smoked Haddock, Chive Cream (starter);
  • Crawfish, Lemon Caviar, Creamy Court Bouillon (starter);
  • Scallops, Kale, Coteaux Champenois Sauce (starter);
  • tortellini, spinach, mushrooms, parmesan sauce;
  • Celery, potato and comté tart, truffle cream;
  • Greenland halibut, artichokes, yellow wine sauce;
  • Lobster in tribute to my father, lobster jus;
  • Free-range chicken, candied turnips, reduced jus;
  • pigeon pie, spinach, balsamic chicken jus;
  • beef confit, leek vinaigrette;
  • Lamb, garden vegetables, lamb jus.

La Première cabin is available this winter on select flights to Los Angeles, Miami, New YorkJFK, San Francisco, Washington-DC (USA), Mexico City (Mexico), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Johannesburg (South Africa), Dubai (UK). Arab Emirates), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Singapore.

Michael Roth menus in business class

In the business cabin, Michel Roth, Michelin-starred chef, Bocuse d’Or and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, offers a new range of refined dishes. Eight savory dishes, produced in collaboration with Servair, are gradually being introduced for optimal culinary enjoyment on board. « My cuisine – authentic, simple and attentive – like Air France is deeply rooted in its heritage and shows great respect for the flavors of the products, » said Michel Roth.

In business class there are, among other things:

  • Royale with wild mushrooms and hazelnuts, chestnut cream with lovage;
  • Cod fillet, shellfish juice with coriander, caramelized fennel;
  • Chicken fillet with corn in different ways and cranberry juice;
  • Beef tenderloin, rare pepper sauce, vanilla celery asparagus mousseline with almonds;
  • Cod and salmon brandade, parsley coulis, leeks and buckwheat;
  • Chicken Supreme, Spinach and Wild Mushroom Fondue, Crayfish Coulis;
  • royale and cauliflower heads, dubary tartuffoon cream (pumpkin seeds with spices);
  • Beef cheek with rosemary, mushrooms and figs, butternut puree with mustard.

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