aviation: Passenger numbers: Memmingen Airport with a new record

, aviation: Passenger numbers: Memmingen Airport with a new record


In 2022, Memmingen Airport in Bavaria was not only able to recover from the effects of the corona pandemic, but also exceeded the record level of 2019 by around 16 percent. You could increase by around 15.6 percent.

In 2022 as a whole, 1,991,654 passengers will use Allgäu Airport. The Bavarian regional airport had 268,885 more passengers than in the previous record year 2019. At that time, Memmingen had around 1.72 million passengers. Airport boss Ralf Schmid also attributes the development to the fact that the need for travel was particularly high in 2022.

“There was a lot of catching up to do. Not only in terms of tourism, but above all when visiting relatives and friends, » says Schmid. « We are pleased about the great growth, » emphasizes Schmid, « that we have achieved thanks to our committed team and our strong airline partners. » Since autumn 2022, the Ryanair subsidiary Malta Air has stationed a third aircraft at Allgäu Airport. The offer is to be further expanded in the 2023 summer flight schedule. From June 8, 2023, the tour operator Tui will be offering Crete holidays, among other things.

The Memmingen management assumes that in 2023 the two million passenger mark will be « easily passed ». Around 2.3 million passengers are forecast, which is around 15 percent more than in 2022. Altogether, Memmingen Airport is offering five airlines to more than 50 destinations in 24 countries this year,” says Allgäu Airport.

The growth also ensures that the airport job machine generates more new jobs. This year, the 237 employees at Flughafen Memmingen GmbH and Allgate GmbH are to have around 50 new colleagues. « We need reinforcements, » emphasizes Managing Director Ralf Schmid, « and are happy to have motivated new employees who will continue our growth course with us. » Among other things, the check-in area and the upper floor in the arrivals hall are being expanded, as well as the upper floor in the terminal expanded.

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