aviation: USA: Cat escaped and « moved » to First Class

, aviation: USA: Cat escaped and « moved » to First Class


A cat escaped a passenger on a United Airlines flight from Dallas/Fort Worth to San Francisco. At first, the animal’s owner didn’t even notice that her four-legged friend wanted to « upgrade » to First Class.

The cat may not have been comfortable enough in economy class, escaping its owner and quickly making its way through the airliner. So it happened as it had to happen: To her surprise, a flight attendant found a cat in First Class that had made itself comfortable there.

The owner of the four-legged friend had not even noticed that her animal had escaped. The flight attendant first had to go through the cabin and ask the passengers if anyone was missing a cat. Such “incidents” are also rare in the United States of America. Ultimately, nothing happened to anyone and the owner and cat were quickly reunited. There was one small request from the crew: Please make sure that the animal doesn’t escape again.

The video below, recorded by passengers and published on YouTube, shows, among other things, the search for the cat and the reunion with the animal’s owner. It is also remarkable that the owner did not even notice that her four-legged friend had “moved” to first class. This is the only way to explain why the flight attendant walks through the rows with the animal in her hands and asks the passengers if anyone is missing a cat.

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